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Blaine Bacher
Cincinnati, OH

Is the Pet Stop® Brand Safe?

Absolutely safe. We engineer for safety. Pet Stop systems are technologically advanced, state of the art solutions to your pet containment needs.  Your pet deserves to be safe and comfortable and nowhere is this more important than the receiver your pet wears around their neck.  Pet Stop collars have: 1) Tri-Scann – eliminates blind spots, 2) FlashAlert® – notifies you when to change out a weak battery, and 3) SafetyStop® – a fail-safe feature to prevent continuous correction.

How much does Pet Stop® Cost?

Cost depends on the number of pets, size of install & equipment purchased.  We tailor a solution specific to your dog, yard, home and budget. Bearing in mind market and location, costs will differ; however, as a rule of thumb, a professionally installed system can range anywhere from $850 to $2,500.

Low-Stress Training

A unique feature of Pet Stop’s underground dog fence systems, is GentleSteps™ utilizing extremely low & adjustable stimulation levels to train your pet faster and with less of the stress normally associated with other fence training methods.

What does the correction feel like?

The correction levels are programmable so that the pulse is progressive.  Some distractions are less and some are great like a rabbit in the yard.  The progressive nature of our programming starts as a “tickle” and is progressively stronger to the point the dog turns back into his yard.  Each pulse is equal to the level of the distraction guaranteeing safe containment for any dog in every situation.

Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty

On your equipment, your installation and your dog’s containment.  Pet Stop’s warranty is unmatched by Invisible Fence® or Dog Watch.  Not all lifetime warranties are created equal, with Pet Stop, you will never buy another dog fence component for any reason unless you lose your dog’s receiver.

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