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Pet Stop of Cincinnati


The dog fence experts at Pet Stop of Cincinnati have been installing and service electronic pet fences since 1993. They are committed to providing pet owners with the most effective, innovative, safest, reliable pet containment system on the market. If you are searching for an Invisible Fence® Alternative you’ve come to the right place. We install onlly Pet Stop® system components – the best in underground electronic dog fences. Your pet is part of the family, and their safety is important to us.

Whether you’re looking for a new fence installation, or an upgrade from an existing Invisible Fence®, a new transmitter, receiver or simply a replacement battery Pet Stop of Cincinnati is here to help. Call or email the dog fence experts at Pet Stop of Cincinnati today for a free estimate.

We have a deep love for animals and take our job of keeping them safe is something we take seriously. We understand that dogs are a part of the family, and that no two dogs are the same. Only the best is good enough for them. This is why we install Pet Stop® containment systems.

Pet Stop® hidden pet fences are 100% made in the USA, produced with pride. It is important that we install a trustworthy product to provide you with peace of mind for your dog’s safety. Pet Stop® is committed to delivering high quality, safe products that are technologically advanced. Fully customizable, our invisible electronic pet fences will keep your pets safe and happy. Pet Stop® fences can be designed with diverse zones and settings and are buried out of sight to maintain the beauty of your property. Not just for outdoor containment, our technology can easily be installed for indoor use. You can choose wireless or custom-wired.
Now your dog can have the freedom he deserves with the safety, security and peace of mind you deserve.
We also provide service and competitive upgrades on other dog fences, including; Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, Pet Safe® and others. Our prices are unbeatable call today for a free estimate for service or an upgrade.

Serving all of Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky.

Humane, Low-Stress Dog Fence Training

We also offer the best in individualized training for your new fence. That is why we use Pet Stop’s GentleSteps™ training program, a unique training technique that makes training your pet effective and painless. After the installation, we provide “state of the art” training for you and your pet. Your pet will quickly become “conditioned” into the system giving it the freedom to roam the containment area safely and securely.

Every pet is different, and that’s why it is so important to choose a containment system that’s right for your best friend. Our electric dog fences are fully customizable, to fit any kind of dog, large breed or small, timid or exuberant. We find the right settings for your pet. Our training method is unique. Rather than begin with a big shock, which could scare or alarm your pet, we introduce your pet to his or her new boundaries with a tiny bit of stimulation. Our technique offers less stress, and your pet learns the boundaries of their new environment faster. It is a lot less stressful than some other methods, so your pet learns where the edge of the yard is in a shorter amount of time.

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